About us

Stack is a Sydney-based, start up with a simple goal - to create a repeatable, enjoyable and mutually valuable dialogue between businesses and their customers.

Why we started

The ecommerce industry has never been more competitive. Now more than ever, companies need fast, reliable and accurate insights to inform their business decision-making so that they can continue to grow.

With Stack's unique ‘data for discount’ methodology we are enabling customers to take control by rewarding them directly for their opinion and feedback.

What we're all about

We Are Data Driven
Gone are the days of “top down, gut feel analysis”. Data is at the core of the world’s fasted growing businesses so it is of course at the core of our product, as well as our decision-making.

We Are About Action
At Stack we know how important it is to walk the walk. Great tech companies are build on foundations of speed, accuracy and action and we are no different.

Stack is all about bringing great ideas to market that make meaningful impacts for your customers… and anyway, great strategy is only as good as its execution.

We Are People Powered
To grow we need exceptional talent at every position, but that is only part it. We want our people to love their jobs, have ownership and autonomy over what they are doing and trust the people they work with.

We Are Reimagining Data
We believe in a future were people’s opinions and perspectives are fairly valued. Stack empowers our customers to take control over their data and reimagines how you engage with companies.

Where we're headed

Stack is on a mission to make access to popular opinion faster, cheaper and universal across the world.

At Stack we believe that one's opinion is not only intrinsically valuable but a critical resource for the future of business.

A fair and transparent market for opinion and insights will unlock a future flow of feedback, thoughts, and ideas with unimaginable potential

Their two cents is your key to growth. Their two cents is your key to growth. Their two cents is your key to growth. Their two cents is your key to growth.

Want to join the crew?

We are growing team of research lovers.