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Reliable customer insights to help supercharge your business.

Simply add Stack to your Shopify store to start surveying your customers as they shop, gathering feedback & uncovering new ways to grow your business.
Available free for Shopify & Shopify+ stores

Stack is in-store research at its finest

1. Get feedback from your customers at different points in their shopping journey

2. Engage them with beautiful surveys that give you actionable insights

3. Reward customers for their time with a single use promo code to use at checkout

Starting with Stack is as simple as

Add to your Shopify store with a single click
Choose from our range of surveys & set an incentive
See customer responses come through in realtime
The Bot

Catch shoppers in the moment

Ask shoppers for their input at precisely the right moment to drive the best engagement.
The Packs

Handcrafted super surveys

Do what you do best, and leave the survey writing to us!
The Dashboard

A daily insights centre

Yes.. it's another dashboard, but man it's a powerful one.

Connected to Shopify

Add Stack to your Shopify or Shopify+ store with a few simple clicks.