All the insight in one place

Managing research, synthesising feedback and visualising results has never been simpler than with StackInsights. Login to your private dashboard and start extracting actionable ways to grow your business - Stack takes the heavy lifting out of analysis.
Configure & Launch

Be in full control

Our handcrafted micro-surveys can be launched, edited and paused in seconds.

We will get you started setting up an NPS survey so you can start the process of becoming data driven.
Daily Summary

Stay on the pulse

Be all over your store experience with your daily summary page.

NPS results came through live as their completed with key highlights for things customers love, and places you could improve.
Single view of cusomer

Insights at a glance

Our Dashboard gives you a single view of your customers by gender, location and age.

Easily view qualitative and quantitative feedback so that you can turn insights into actions.
Actionable Insights

Deep dive into data

We aggregate feedback from your customers into easy to interpret charts so that you can extract learnings quickly.

You can even export detailed responses so that you can dive into data and uncover further insight.